Leigh missed the train home and managed to travel on an express train, 8 stations the wrong way, clearly it was someone else’s fault though. 


Mitch ambushes Leigh as he ousts him for rocking up to an appointment in a full suit… from the night before. 


The Social Sin Bin allows for people to go in based on their spelling, an egotistical view of their own importance and their horrid jokes. Some people have impressed us though! 


New segment called “Must or Dust” that decides whether Self Serve Registers, Birkenstocks and craft beer are essential or overrated. 


We tell you about the big week on the tools we have coming up! 


We were a couple of beverages deep whilst recording this… Alchemy Cordial Australia beverages that is. You can get on board the OLE Cordial experience by clicking the link here. 

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