The We Got The Chocolates studio is full this week, with former Australian Kookaburras Hockey Captain, Mark Knowles joining us for the episode. 


Mark has more Hockey medals than you can poke a stick at having represented Australia at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Cups over the last 15 years.


From not making the QLD U15 Hockey team to breaking his ankle on the first day he made the national team, Mark faced plenty of challenges before being named the best hockey player in the world.


Andrew Gode constantly brings up his own career and likens the Australian Kookaburras playing developing Hockey nations to him bowling to Leigh in games against each other!


Mark told Leigh that he is still in with a chance at finding love. While Leigh is looking for the perfect woman, we have the perfect beverage company for you. Alchemy Cordial Australia have a drink for every occasion that you will love. Get yours online here


Thanking you! Good luck in the fute. 

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